Whether mineral or synthetic-based, conventional or special greases – LUBCON offers the right high-performance grease for your application!

We provide greases for high and low temperatures, high loads (EP), high speeds, biodegradable greases, water and oxidation-resistant greases, radiation-resistant greases or greases suitable for rough, fine, and high working vacuum pumps. Whether mineral-based greases for modern applications or synthetic-based greases, our high-performance lubricants offer excellent protection against friction, wear and corrosion and increase simultaneously the life of your components.

Due to their mechanical strength, greases are used in applications, where lubrication must be available at the lubrication point over a long period. The use of greases allows easy application and due to their high adhesive strength, provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear. Suitable greases with good sealing properties are essential, especially when it comes to the lubrication of components, that are exposed to high or low temperatures or extreme environmental conditions such as humidity, pollution, high and low temperatures.