Bearings are constantly subject to various chemical, mechanical, thermal and tribological impacts. The friction and wear of a bearing are influenced by the following operating conditions:

  • speed
  • load
  • vibration
  • lubrication
  • ambient media

Even the smallest signs of wear and tear, caused by friction and wear, can affect bearing function and result in bearing failure. These wear and tear marks can tell a lot about the operating conditions the bearing has been exposed to. By means of visual inspection, bearing damage can be analysed and assigned precisely to specific bearing failure cause. Potential causes include contamination, corrosion, missing or lacking lubrication, wrong lubricant, high slip effect in the bearing, excessive load, aggressive operating conditions, etc.

By arranging a complete and accurate bearing analysis, causes will be determined and preventive measures can be initiated. Future bearing damage or failure can thus be successfully avoided. This will help to ensure a reliable and safe operation of your machine. Our services include:

  • Lubricant analysis
  • Sealing analysis
  • Cage and cage pocket analysis
  • Contamination analysis
  • Visual inspection of bearing components
  • Track analysis via scanning electron microscope and
  • Fatigue inspection via x-ray diffraction

A significant and precise analysis of the bearing failure cause can minimise maintenance costs and prevent breakdowns.

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