LUBCON offers a broad selection of oils with superior creeping and wetting properties, customised to meet their operational requirements.

Alongside classic mineral oils, we offer a wide portfolio of high-performance synthetic oils, geared to the demands of modern production processes. Our product range includes high and low temperature oils, water and media-resistant as well as extremely pressure-resistant oils with good penetration capabilities for nearly every application. We have the correct oil to match your application, from H1-certified oils for the food industry up to biodegradable fluids for environmentally sensitive areas such as the railway industry.

Friction causes heat and wear whenever surfaces contact and rub against each other. Oils have been used for thousands of years to reduce friction at the contact surface. Due to their good penetrating and wetting properties they form a load-carrying lubricant film and balance the load at the contact areas, providing the necessary heat transfer and reducing significantly friction and wear. While mineral oils have been so far sufficient for the lubrication of machine parts, modern manufacturing processes as well as their machine components require reliable oils, which can withstand the increase in machine operating capacities. Trust therefore the expertise of our LUBCON specialists, when choosing the correct lubricant.