In addition to an extensive consultation before, during and after the implementation of our lubricants or lubricating systems, we offer general or individual training programmes for better understanding of lubrication technology. Beginners or experienced practitioner benefit even-handedly from consolidated basic and specialised know-how in the field of lubrication technology and tribology.

Why participate? Lubricants are more than operating supplies. They are an integral element of mechanical components and have significant impact on machine functionality and performance. The correct and application-suited lubricants as well as a carefully executed maintenance are therefore the key to success. A better tribological understanding and practice-related tips, which can be easily integrated into everyday’s work, can benefit the component life of your machines and save operation and production costs significantly. Your benefits:

  • Update about the latest developments and trends
  • Experience exchange with experts from the industry
  • Mistake avoidance at the lubricant purchase and application
  • Expertise for maintenance optimisation
  • Connect with new network-contacts

The seminars can be held in our facilities or at the customer’s location, upon request. For more information about agenda, prices and registration, please contact: LUBRICANT CONSULT GmbH Gutenbergstraße 11–13 63477 Maintal Tel.: +49 (0)6109/7650-0 Tel.: +49 (0)6109/7650-51 E-Mail: