LUBCON Presents Answers to Improve Sustainability of Manufacturing at Global Food Safety Summit

Companies are moving towards more sustainability. Investors are paying more attention to environmental, social and governance risks and how they are addressed.

Sustainability needs change management – a cost intensive process to start with. Nevertheless this challenging start should not be seen as the character of sustainability itself, as the transformation of the mind set and subsequent actions will lead not only to an improvement of environmental and climate conditions, but will also ensure next generations’ success of companies.

As a manufacturer and developer of high quality special lubricants, we can give a significant contribution to increase sustainability of manufacturing processes. Choosing the “right” lubricant and implementing all tools of lubrication management will help reducing risks, e.g. of product recalls and associated costs. This helps to significantly increase productivity and plant availability while saving resources at the same time.

The questions to answer are now:

Is your current lubrication portfolio supporting sustainability goals in the best possible way? And can thereby, e.g. risks of recalls be minimized or machine downtime be reduced?

The precondition to answer these questions, is an analysis and review of the currently used lubricant portfolio and lubrication management. On the basis of this analysis the hidden improvement potential of every single company can be estimated.

LUBCON can help you to find out – Do not hesitate to get in touch with the expertise of our engineers and chemists.

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