The landing flaps on the wings of an airplane serve to increase the air resistance during start and landing. The suited lubricant has to meet high demands, in order to ensure a smooth running control of the landing flaps. Very good friction and wear protection, a wide temperature range and excellent oxidation stability are prerequisites that the lubricant has to meet. LUBCON offers thixotropic high-grade lubricants that are successfully used by well-known aircraft manufacturers. For example, Turmogrease Li AzR meets SAE AMS 3057 specifications and can be successfully applied in rotary actuator gearboxes. Background information: SAE International is an association of technical professionals and a global standard organization. The main focus is placed on on transport industries including automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. Among other things, engineering professionals of all fields are working on the development of technical standards. Lubricants for aerospace applications are specified in the aerospace materials specifications (AMS). For example, SAE AMS 3057 describes standards for the application of lubricants in aircraft gearboxes. This specific norm has become international standard and is referenced in maintenance manuals of OEM, aircraft manufacturers and airlines.