Due to the increased environmental awareness, waste paper processing and the demand in primary fibres gain more and more importance. Components are subject to high demands during this process: adverse temperatures, chemicals or high temperatures have high influence on components such as chains and bearings. Application fitted lubricants increase service life and machine performance. An optimum lubrication can be achieved with LUBCON automatic lubrication systems, preventing over and under lubrication. The LUBCON EasyMatic is a compact and versatile lubrication system for multi-point lubrication, programmable to fit the application. It is successfully utilised for bearing lubrication in paper processing. Rely on the central, minimum quantity lubrication system LUBCON TLB 2000 for the automatic chain lubrication. The listed products do not reflect the complete LUBCON lubricant portfolio, due to the broad range of applications and lubricant demands in paper processing. We look forward consulting you personally and provide you the suitable product for your application. Please contact our Technical Support in Maintal at +49 (0)6109/7650-0 or use our convenient contact form for any questions.