Paper pulp is the base ingredient for paper processing. It is obtained mostly from wood or wood fibre processing. Since wood fibre accumulation and stability are main factors for paper processing, the wood selection is of high importance for the paper quality and paper properties. The first step in wood fibre processing is chopping the bark-free wood. Afterwards, the obtained wood chips are either ground, under influence of water, in press and continuous grinders or boiled in the paper pulp plant. The pollution and high loads in wood fibre processing require thus great demands in machines and especially the lubricants. The carefully selected raw materials enable LUBCON high performance lubricants the best protection for machine component. An optimum lubrication can be achieved with LUBCON automatic lubrication systems, preventing over and under lubrication. The TLB 2000 is a central lubrication system applying precisely minimum lubricant qualities to the friction point and controlling lubricant supply. It reduces significantly lubricant consumption, wear as well as noise emission and maximises service life and operation reliability in maintenance. The listed products do not reflect the complete LUBCON lubricant portfolio, due to the broad range of applications and lubricant demands in paper processing. We look forward consulting you personally and provide you the suitable product for your application. Please contact our Technical Support in Maintal at +49 (0)6109/7650-0 or use our convenient contact form for any questions.