Multiple moving components in bogie/chassis have to withstand different weather conditions and absorb vibration and shock for the comfortable transportation of passengers. Components such as wheel bearings, engine bearings, gear, shaft, bolts and fittings are thus subject to high loads. These permanently impacting forces can damage components or even cause components to fail. Only one component failure results in high replacement and repair costs as well as delays. To reduce the occurring wear and noise generation at the critical points and to increase the lifetime of wheels, track, bearings etc., engineers rely on LUBCON. The carefully selected product series is specially tailored to the railway industry needs, extends maintenance intervals and reduces operating costs.

With the MicroMax 120 lubrication unit, LUBCON offers an efficient, safe and compact solution for the reliable lubrication of engine bearings. This lubrication device, proven in industrial applications, enables an optimum, automatic bearing lubrication during operation, over a long period.