Safety is the main focus for oxygen and gas fittings. Many compressed gases are oxidising and can ignite spontaneously, without an ignition source, when in contact with oil and grease. Therefore, lubricants, that are used in oxygen and gas fittings, have to meet demanding requirements. LUBCON specialty lubricants are approved by the BAM (German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) in Berlin. They feature extraordinary temperature stability and good sealing properties. The lubricants have remarkable oxidation stability, are physiologically inert and non-inflammable. In addition, the grease should be resistant to the used gases for the lubrication and sealing of gas fittings. LUBCON lubricants for gas fittings are resistant to the influence of gas and chemicals. They are successfully used in autogenous technology, gas distribution in houses, valves and fittings of cooking and heating devices, respirators in the medicine sector as well as oxygen units on diving stations.