To enable e.g. the further processing of cardboard boxes, the slitter/scorer subsequently cuts and scores corrugated board into the right shape by means of orthogonal cutting. Precision as well as quick positioning of slitter/scorer and cutting discs at high production speeds are high priority. However, paper is extremely abrasive and in combination with starch it generates a chemically aggressive layer on the cutting discs and blades. The starch and fibre deposits lead to an uneven cut if this layer is not removed. This results in premature blade replacements and long maintenance-related downtime. Wet lubricated blades (with cutting oils such as Turmocut SR15) enable cutting even through highly adhesive material and efficiently prevent any starch and paper fibre deposits. The knives maintain their sharpness significantly longer, ensuring smooth cuts, reduced friction, preventing material from being burned, sub-standard or damaged. LUBCON wear and corrosion protecting lubricants are particularly tailored to slitter scorer demands in the corrugated industry and enable high reliability at low lubricant consumption.