Continuous presses are used for the production of particle board, fibre board (MDF, HDF) or oriented strand board (OSB/OSL). These production processes require a selection of customised lubricants. The LUBCON product portfolio complies to the machine manufacturers’ performance requirements, that have been using and recommending our lubricants successfully for many years. Cost-saving and environmental friendly solutions, such as our fully synthetic high temperature chain oil, provide an optimum lubrication of steel belts, chains and bending rods. The high-grade ester oil based lubricants are evaporation stable, minimise oil consumption and reduce conspicuously environment and health-hazardous CO2 emission in the plant. Critical lubrication points, such as the in-fed drum roller bearings, are subject to high loads and temperatures. To extend maintenance intervals, PFPE lubricants with lithium or polyurea-thickeners are recommended. This Turmotemp high performance lubricant series enables highest bearing reliability and performance.

In addition to the above listed special lubricants, we also offer a complete maintenance product assortment for reliable machine maintenance in woodworking and wood processing. Our maintenance products are available in various packaging sizes and product designs to support a just-in-time stock. Product overview.